Film and Theatre Sets


Two questions: 


*What do you have in common with Angelina Jolie, Sir Ben Kingsley, Luc Besson, Felicity Kendall, Anish Kapoor, Johnny Depp and Martin Scorsese?


*Why is your house, flat or office like The Royal Academy of Arts, The American Airline Theatre, Broadway, The National Theatre, The Old Vic, The Donmar Warehouse, Pinewood or Shepperton Studios, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Chichester Festival Theatre, and the studies of several recently deceased Oxford students and dons?  


The answers are that they've all had books supplied by PsychoBabel & Skoob Books, decorating their sets in the past couple of years.


Sometimes it's just a shelf of specific books that's required. Mainly it's a roomful and, occasionally, it's a truckload. For each requirement, we can rent out an accurate book set to lend veracity to the production, and get them back so they can be bought and read for their content, not just their appearance. 


Two of our film commissions were The Rum Diary Directed by Bruce Robinson  and Hugo, by Martin Scorsese. The former required an office full of primarily US-published books with a pre-1960 publication date, such as would have been read by Hunter S. The latter had the task of furnishing a 1929 fantasy Paris bookshop (in 3D with no CGI for the books) with thousands and thousands of appropriate items. 


Other sets that we've dressed include: 


Skyfall [2012]


Pride [2014]


The Riot Club [2014]


The Theory of Everything [2014]


La Corrispondenza [2015]


Genius [2015]


Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation [2015]


Mortdecai [2015]


Our Kind of Traitor [2015]


Spectre [2015]


The Program [2015]


Woman in Gold [2015]


Me Before You [2016]


The Infiltrator [2016]


Now You See Me: The Second Act [2016]




Apocalypse Slough [2015]


The Bletchley Circle [2014]


Endeavour [2014]


Lewis [2012(?)-2014]


Life in Squares [2015]


The Night Manager [2016]


Spotless [2015]


Valentine’s Kiss [2015]


Worricker Trilogy (Page Eight; Turks & Caicos; Salting the Battlefield) [2011-2014]


We provide expert consultancy and supply for all artistic book hires. Contact Chris for details or call Tom at the office on 01235 861411.